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Hello, Good day,

I’ve been seeing a lot in regards to this Payment Protection Insurance issue recently, so I’ve taken it upon myself to put in the research and find out exactly what’s going on with it.

Payment Protection Insurance – What it does

Payment Protection Insurance was an insurance sold to consumers by Banks/ Building Societies / Insurance Brokers / Finance Firms / Car Dealerships – This insurance was originally sold on the benefit that it would carry on paying your Loan, Credit Card, Car Finance, Store Card and various other sources of finance in the event that you could not work due to accident, sickness or unemployment.

How the mis-selling came to light?

There is much speculation around the reasons this insurance could be mis-sold. The main issue was that it was mis-sold by that many different banks and finance companies that thousands upon thousands of people didn’t know they’d been mis-sold.

Eventually (as when you mis-sell a product to a massive percentage of the population) people began talking, friends discussing the various different issues they’d experienced with the insurance… and then the complaints came rolling in.

The insurance has been mis-sold for that many different reasons that claims began to snowball – it turns out there’s about 20-30 different ways you could have been mis-sold the insurance and that’s where all of the media attention has come from. This insurance wasn’t just mis-sold on one basis, but on that many front’s it became clear that this insurance would only work for a small percentage of the people who were sold it.

So, how was it mis-sold?

This is the bit where you get shocked and awed.

  • The insurance was sold to the self-employed – Only the self employed can’t claim on payment protection insurance because there’s no way to track working hours, performance or sickness.
  • The insurance was sold to people suffering from pre-existing medical conditions – Only people with pre-existing medical conditions can’t claim on the insurance as there’s no way to tell whether they adopted their medical condition after they’d  purchased the insurance (in which case it would have been void), therefore anyone who had purchased the insurance with a pre-existing medical condition cannot claim on the PPI
  • The insurance was sold to people who received sickness pay from their employer – Yet one of the ‘clauses’ in the insurance states that it will not pay out until you’ve used ALL of your sickness benefit – Therefore if you received 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay from your employed in the case of sickness or accident, then you would have to use all of your 12 months sick pay before you could start to make your claim (which could then take another 3 months to come through)
There are many more reasons as to why this insurance has been mis-sold and as a percentage the insurance only pays out to approximately 18% of those who actually put in a claim.
I could carry on listing reasons as to why this insurance has been mis-sold but it would be rather lengthy. So if anyone would like further information on my research then feel free to contact me!
My advice:  You can actually make PPI Claims to claim this insurance back – You may have been sold it on multiple policies so you may have more than one claim to put in. The average refund people seem to be getting is betwee £1500 – £2500 so I’m sure this would help you get More Credit Less Debt!
I’m sure on the reasons people may have been mis-sold but I wouldn’t know the first thing about putting in PPI CLAIMS – I’ve Googled companies that provide the claim as a service and there’s quite a few out there…

Good Afternoon People!

I’m just giving an short update to anyone who is actually following this site already, I’ve currently been spending a lot of time researching various methods to continue assisting you on your journey to more credit and less debt!

Just like my ‘fight-back’ page – I will be providing tonnes of unique methods to help you combat debt and all of the negativity that come’s with it!

Sometime’s debt can get on top of people easily, it’s easier to get into debt that get out of it (that much is clear).  So I will continue to devise ways and means around it, through it, whatever way I have to go to get everybody out of debt, because a debt free Britain is a happy Britain!

If anyone has any suggestions, if I miss something out, please just send me an email explaining (I am a real person and I try to be nice) so I can continually improve this website for the good of Britain!

I promise to start working on this properly soon, it’s just finding the time around actually working 40 hours a week!

I’m going to start looking at authentic ways of making money on the internet too as I know it can be done but it’s just wading through the spam on the internet whilst looking for a proven method to make some more credit! I’m sure it would speed up the less debt process if you were receiving more credit at the same time!

I’ll be back in touch soon!



Fight the power!

A friend once said to me, “You’re always fighting the power!”. Although he really approved of what I was doing… that was never the intention of my actions. I continue to do what I do for equality, I strongly believe no Human should have power over another as  we exist to coincide with each other.

But sometime’s people do gain power over other’s, either through financial leverage, emotional leverage or just general blackmail. We all know that’s the way the world works and we can only be responsible for our own actions. Sometimes when people get this sort of leverage over you, it can lead to depression and anxiety which never helps your circumstances.

Bailiffs tend appear as the bigger bullies in this scenario and unless you know how to properly defend yourself against them, it can lead to all of your possessions being lifted from your grasp. I’ve come up with this website to help people specifically in the united kingdom, do what they can about bailiffs and legal proceedings because let’s face it, unless you’re actually a bailiff or work in law, you generally have no clue about your own right’s and power.

Have a little read over my ‘Fight Back!!’ page and it will detail the first tip I can provide for people in a tough situation involving bailiffs and other legal departments. You should never abuse this power (The boy who cried Wolf springs to mind) but this power is available for your own convenience.

I genuinely  hope it’s a start towards helping people and over the next couple of weeks I will continue to provide different methods for your own self-defense against all of the unknown legal jargon and bullies that exist in this country.

Many thanks,



I am officially making the first post of this new site, this site will be continuously updated over time to help consumers especially in the UK but not limited to the rest of the world. We will be providing vital over time and hopefully this will get you out of debt whether it take a month or ten years!